Amridge致力于提供学生一起学习,让从任何位置他们访问课程和作业工具。亚博体育赌球盘 As part of our commitment to embrace technology for education, the University has a laptop program for teaching and learning that we believe benefits our students.


  • $ 375笔记本电脑费


为了确保有效的服务和安全地使用笔记本电脑,Amridge大学已与第三方合作,以确保笔记本电脑适当的技术支持和服务。亚博体育 Amridge University will not service student laptops. All parts and services issues are covered by an extended servicing agreement. Students receive a 3-year service agreement through Lenovo that covers parts and services for the laptops.


亚博体育赌球盘学生谁选择接收使用财政援助第四篇,补助一台笔记本电脑,和/或奖学金的资金将受到参加课程的要求。 Laptops will be shipped by the third party vendor selected by the University to the address the student provided during Admission and Enrollment. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure his/her address is correct and up to date. The University will not ship laptops to addresses that do not match the student information system. In order to make an address update, students will need to visit theMyAmridge门户笔记本电脑在出厂之前更新他们的地址。

作为财政援助部门已经确定所要求的第四篇学生参加出货将尽快发生。亚博体育赌球盘 Timing is based on your disbursement plan. Participation is defined as completion of coursework in each class in which they are enrolled. Most participation can be determined by the end of Week 2. Shipments will occur starting Week 3 and will continue on the Monday of each week. Delivery may take 5 – 7 days.

亚博体育赌球盘学生们不能拿起在Amridge大学他们的笔记本电脑了。亚博体育 Students who pay the laptop technology fee, whether by Financial Aid payment or by personal credit card will receive their computer as soon as it has been determined that their registration fees, admission status, and financial aid status are in good standing with the University.